Our process

Advocating for a better world for women and girls has always been central to our activities as CFUW members. Today, we continue to speak up for these and many other issues, including environment, education, health, peace, justice and human rights.

How do we voice our opinions?

Through a yearly “Resolutions” process, local clubs can choose to suggest government action on selected issues of national concern. They can word these suggestions as Resolutions, and all members across Canada debate them and offer input from the grassroots level.

Resolutions that pass at the National Advocacy Annual General Meeting then become CFUW Policy and delegations present the resolutions to the federal government which recognizes the weight of the united opinions of 10,000 women in our 112 clubs across Canada!

Club Advocacy committees across Canada also meet with their local government representatives to raise their awareness of CFUW policies.

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Can we have an influence in the world?

Yes! CFUW has consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council in New York, and sends delegates to its meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women. 

In addition, CFUW is affiliated with and supports Graduate Women International formerly IFUW.